HarnessModern Art Round & Soft Petit Luxus

The delicate MODERN ART ROUND & SOFT PETIT LUXUS harness is highly suitable for smaller dogs. The beautiful artificial leather is studded with a row of rhinestones and available in 6 different colours. The delicate exterior with its rounded profile hides a tough interior, namely a durable and tear-proof nylon padding. 
A dog harness must always fit well, and this is probably even more important for small dogs than larger ones. The MODERN ART ROUND & SOFT PETIT LUXUS harness is therefore extremely light and delicate in its design, meaning your little four-legged friend will be happy to wear the harness and will encounter no problems with it. For many dogs, a harness is a more comfortable alternative to a collar, as the neck is not subjected to any pressure. 
It is also better for dog owners, as the harness gives them closer control over their little scamp. This is an important aspect in any situation - and with the MODERN ART ROUND & SOFT PETIT LUXUS harness, that control is even combined with luxury and elegance! 

Size Width Adjust. neck Adjust. belly
40 6/14 mm 27 cm 32 – 38 cm
45 6/14 mm 30 cm 37 – 43 cm
50 6/14 mm 33 cm 42 – 48 cm
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