HarnessModern Art Round & Soft Petit Luxus

HUNTER has developed the lightweight MODERN ART ROUND & SOFT PETIT LUXUS harness especially for smaller dogs. In both its design and materials, this harness is typical of the artificial leather range, and combines this soft material with a soft, rounded profile, tear-proof nylon padding and glamorous, dazzling rhinestones. The lightweight and slender design is ideal for smaller dogs, for which it is vital that any harness fits well. The artificial leather is given a rounded finish and is both snug and supple, thus making the harness exceedingly comfortable to wear. A robust and tear-proof nylon inlay is concealed inside, which turns a dainty harness into a highly practical accessory for every day use. With a well-fitting harness such as the MODERN ART ROUND & SOFT PETIT LUXUS, you will always have safe control over your adventurous little darling - in a much more gentle manner than with a collar, which can exert a lot of pressure on your dog’s sensitive neck area.

Size Width Adjust. neck Adjust. belly
40 6/14 mm 27 cm 32 – 38 cm
45 6/14 mm 30 cm 37 – 43 cm
50 6/14 mm 33 cm 42 – 48 cm
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