Norwegianharness Racing

Among responsible dog owners, harnesses like the RACING Norwegian harness are growing in popularity.  The RACING Norwegian harness is made of durable nylon straps that are padded with soft fleece in the chest, neck and shoulder areas. This padding provides added comfort and makes the harness gentle on fur. Thanks to the adjustable belly strap, the harness can be perfectly adjusted. This helps the RACING Norwegian harness to protect your dog's sensitive neck area from the pull of the leash.
The RACING Norwegian harness is ideal for you if you like to take your dog with you when you go jogging or cycling. Thanks to the comfortable, safe fit of the harness, you can safely take your dog along with you when doing these activities.
For additional safety in low-light conditions the RACING Norwegian harness has reflective strips on the breast strap for improved visibility.
The hard-wearing nylon fabric of the RACING Norwegian harness is also very easy to clean. Any dirt can be easily washed off. After a short drying time the harness is ready for your next outing.

Size Width Adjust. belly
S 2,0 cm 42 – 53 cm
M 2,5 cm 52 – 62 cm
L 2,5 cm 62 – 75 cm
XL 3,8 cm 72 – 90 cm
XXL 3,8 cm 82 – 105 cm
  • reflective reflective
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