HarnessAalborg Mixed

It's in the mix! Carefully selected cowhide leather and pleasantly soft nylon go together to form a perfect symbiosis in the AALBORG MIXED harness. No need to choose one or the other! The combination of the two materials has proved ideal in numerous tests: AALBORG MIXED is light and suitable for everyday use but features padded contact surfaces with soft cowhide leather at the pressure points. This means that you and your four-legged friend can enjoy the natural comfort of a leather harness along with the light weight and easy care provided by nylon. Discover the best of both worlds – discover AALBORG MIXED! Notice: Sometimes the colour may rub off slightly.

Size Width Adjust. neck Adjust. belly
M–L 2,5 cm 61 – 85 cm 63 – 96 cm
XS–S 1,5 cm 40 – 50 cm 38 – 51 cm
S 2,0 cm 50 – 66 cm 46 – 67 cm
M 2,5 cm 55 – 67 cm 56 – 81 cm
Harness Aalborg Mixe...