LeashRound & Soft Elk Petit

The ROUND & SOFT ELK PETIT leash is geared towards the requirements of smaller dogs. It is light and supple so your little four-legged friend will not be unnecessarily encumbered by the weight of the leash. The core of the ROUND & SOFT PETIT leash consists of a robust nylon inlay, which makes the leash even more resistant to tearing and more durable. This inner layer of nylon is enveloped in exquisite elk leather, thanks to which the leash sits softly and snugly in your hand. The stitching of the Scandinavian leather gives it a rounded profile, which gives the leash an unusual design overall. The ROUND & SOFT ELK PETIT leash is »Made in Germany«. It is crafted in Germany by HUNTER’s experienced specialists, for whom the well-being of your dog is of top priority. As a result, even the small, lightweight carabiners are carefully incorporated into this leash.

110 cm 0,6 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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