Sustainability & Responsibility

Thinking about tomorrow today

We are committed to protecting the environment for present and future generations. For over 40 years, we have been thinking about tomorrow today. Quality, sustainability and innovation are at the heart of everything we do. We are family and partner, thought leaders and authentic experts in our craft. What we do, we do out of love and step by step we become a little bit greener every day.

»Sustainability is not a fixed goal, but the everlasting responsibility to look for better solutions and new, environmentally friendly ways. If something can be done better, we do it better.«

Durable and repairable
Our conscious decision for leather

Leather is considered the oldest recycled product in the world. If animal skins were not used to make leather, they would be a waste product of industry. For HUNTER, the processing of this natural, durable material is therefore an important and pioneering step towards a sustainable future - for nature, animals and people.

HUNTER only uses leather that meets the highest standards and is produced in a sustainable and innovative way. The raw hides used come almost exclusively from European breeding. As a result of an intensive development process in cooperation with our long-standing partners, we have succeeded in dispensing 100% with chrome tanning. The purely plant-based or synthetic combination tanning processes are particularly resource and environmentally friendly. All our leathers are also aniline-dyed, which allows the organic pigments to penetrate deep into the leather. The versatile leather thus retains its natural appearance and surface structure.

»CO2-neutral by 2030«

Climate-neutral headquarters (Scope 1 to 3)

In April 2022, HUNTER joined the climate initiative »CO2-neutral by 2030« as one of the first signatories. This is a regional initiative of the chambers of industry and commerce and the business community in East Westphalia-Lippe. 

The ambitious goal is to achieve climate neutrality for the entire Bielefeld site by 2030, taking into account Scopes 1 to 3.  

To achieve climate neutrality, the main focus will be on measures to increase energy and resource efficiency and on a climate-neutral energy supply.

Play fun made from reused materials

Because they are made almost entirely from recycled materials, our upcycled and recycled toys are all about sustainability. The filling is made from recycled polyester, the pleasantly grippy exterior from upcycled wool. Valuable resources are saved during production compared to conventional methods. A more sustainable choice - for nature, animals and people.

100% Renewable Energy

Green electricity & e-mobility

In addition to the company's own photovoltaic system, which has been converting sunlight into electricity all year round since the company moved to Bielefeld in 2016, the entire company premises with its leather manufacturing facility, administration building and HUNTER Shop & Factory Outlet have been powered 100% by certified green electricity since January 2022. In addition, the vehicle fleet has been partially converted to e-mobility. The modern electric cars are regularly used by employees, especially for short trips in the vicinity, and can be recharged directly in front of the building.

Cover Hunter Katalog XI

100% CO2 compensation

Climate-neutral catalogue printing and shipping

Since 2014, our entire catalogue has been produced exclusively with paper from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources in Germany and is PEFC-certified. In addition, we fully offset the CO2 emissions generated during printing and worldwide shipping by supporting different projects.

Climate-neutral catalogue printing and shipping

2014 (Vol. VIII) | »Project Togo«

»Project Togo« is located in the south-west of the Republic of Togo. In the administrative district of Agou, a 1,000 ha nature conservation zone is being afforested on a wasteland. Another focus is the provision of co-benefits from which the local population benefits directly. For example, a new school is being built, wells are being dug, solar panels are being installed, a road is being renovated and a health centre is being built.

2016 (Vol. IX) | »Project Germany Portfolio«

To protect and preserve our forests, the so-called »Bergwaldprojekt« organises voluntary ecological work assignments at various locations between the North Sea island of Amrum and the Bavarian Alps between February and December. Typical work sites are protection forests and protected areas (national parks), but also near-natural forests and biotopes. The spectrum of work ranges from planting and maintenance measures to erosion control, construction of footpaths and biotope maintenance to moorland and stream restoration.

2018 (Vol. X) | »Reduction of flue gas emissions and water treatment, Kenya«

The project aims to reduce the generation of flue gas emissions using various approaches. This involves replacing open fires or cooking stoves or providing individual solutions for filtering drinking water. In addition to avoiding open fires, this primarily protects local tree populations

2021 (Vol. XI) | »Clean cooking stoves, Nyungwe, Rwanda«

The project introduces efficient cooking stoves made of local clay and sand, which can reduce fuel consumption by two thirds compared to the traditional method of open three-stone fires.

»Education is the key to future«

Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l

In the Kenyan Ronda/Barut slums, the non-profit organisation »Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l« (Download Flyer [1,7 MB])has built a school including a school kitchen and dining hall, a library and a medical clinic in order to provide the local children with the best possible education and health and thus a way out of poverty. HUNTER took over full sponsorships for Emmanuel and Precious as well as Dennis, Gloria and Tracey a few years ago. Regular kindergarten and school visits, warm meals and medical care are thus permanently guaranteed.

Clean drinking water

HUNTER finances the construction of a solar-powered well

Clean drinking water is considered a luxury good in many parts of Kenya - and this is also the case in the school centre of »Live & Learn in Kenia Int'l«.

Thanks to our generous donation, the long-awaited well construction could begin within a few days. Groundwater was found at a depth of about 85 metres - a real stroke of luck! The drinking water well has been supplying the entire school centre as well as the adjacent fields with water since the beginning of March 2022. The well's pump is powered by solar energy, which conserves resources and requires very little maintenance.

Social responsibility

VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde

The charitable work of »VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde« is based on a holistic concept that provides people with physical disabilities with an assistance dog. A forward-looking approach that saves lives, gives new life and paves a positive path in life. For around a decade, HUNTER has supported the association's valuable contribution to our society in a variety of ways. Whether it's charity events, equipping VITA dogs and teams with high-quality dog accessories or campaigns in aid of VITA - we are always deeply touched and stand fully behind our commitment. 

Ecological beekeeping

Valuable habitat for honey bees and other native insects

Since the location amidst natural vegetation is ideal, two bee colonies were successfully settled at the HUNTER company headquarters in May 2022. The busy creatures are professionally cared for by passionate beekeepers from the Imkerverein Eckardtsheim-Senne e. V. (Kreisimkerverein Bielefeld e.V.).

After only a few days at the new location, the bees had already settled in well, have since been swarming out in a large radius and are producing the first, precious HUNTER honey as an aside. In the best case scenario, the »liquid gold« can be harvested twice a year and presented to employees, business partners and friends of the company as a very special gift.

Thanks to a natural habitat of around 1,000 m² behind the company building and an insect-friendly flowering strip on one of the neighbouring properties, it is ensured that the bee colonies always find enough food. Of course, the wild flowering plant diversity also offers other native insects such as bumblebees and butterflies a valuable, protected space with rich pollen and nectar sources. 

2nd Love

On our handling of returns

Our declared aim is to noticeably enrich the life of two- and four-legged friends. We develop and manufacture every single item with love and passion.  

We are proud of the extremely low return rate of our products, which gives us the good feeling that we are on the right track. But let's not cheat ourselves - returns cannot be completely avoided. We hardly have any influence on the return itself - but we do have a lot of control over how it is handled!

A professionally trained team checks every single return by hand and decides which options come into question to keep the product in circulation. Whether it's a repair in our leather manufactory, a special cleaning or the reattachment of a hangtag - we always find the best solution. 

Thanks to this approach, 95% of returned products are back in their original condition and ready for sale in no time at all. Anything that has »rough edges« and therefore does not 100% meet our strict quality standards finds its way into the outlet section of the HUNTER shop at our company headquarters or is donated to local animal welfare organisations. 

At HUNTER we also give imperfect products a second or third chance and hope that we can inspire other companies to rethink their approach to returns.

From Bétera to Bielefeld

One tree, 30 kilos of oranges and many happy faces

We have grown - an adopted orange tree in the eastern part of Spain is officially part of the »HUNTER family«. The strong trees on the Finca CABET in Bétera bear countless fully ripe fruits. On an area of more than 12 hectares, pomegranates, persimmons and mandarins are also grown at the partner farm of the direct marketing platform

The location of the cultivation area at the foot of the Sierra Calderona mountains, just north of Valencia, is considered its »green lung«. Thanks to fertile soils and good climatic conditions, the harvests are high-yielding and the fruits are particularly aromatic. Since 2020, farmer Toni Artudeño and his team have been gradually converting to organic farming and have resumed traditional methods such as harvesting by hand. The organic fruit is packed in a sturdy box immediately after harvesting and delivered directly from the finca to HUNTER. Our tree produces around 30 kilos of sun-ripened oranges every season thanks to careful tending - enough for an extra portion of happiness and vitamins for the entire HUNTER team. 

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Olivenleder® series PORTO

The luxury of an ecologically sustainable lifestyle

Ecological, sustainable, luxurious - PORTO embodies the successful symbiosis of innovation, perfect craftsmanship and sustainability like no other. A pleasantly fragrant syrup is extracted from the leaves of Mediterranean olive trees, a by-product of olive cultivation. This serves as the sole tanning agent for the robust cowhide leather of the PORTO series.

DHL GoGreen

100% climate-neutral shipping

Since January 2014, our long-standing logistics partner LOEWE Logistics & Care GmbH has been sending all parcels and packages throughout Germany with DHL GoGreen. By fully offsetting the emissions generated during transport in certified climate protection projects worldwide, shipping is 100% climate neutral. In 2021, our partner LOEWE offset a total of 126.79t CO2e through GoGreen products and services. Climate protection projects such as »Water treatment, Eritrea (GS 1247)« and »Energy efficiency, Lesotho (GS 913)« benefited from this.

DHL GoGreen climate protection projects

We say yes to less
Less packaging, more environmental protection

The practical benefits of packaging can hardly be denied. No matter what material it is made of - it wraps and protects, provides product-related information on ingredients, correct handling and care and much more. Considering the consumption of resources in production and the unavoidable packaging waste that is produced, we deal with the topic sensitively and reflectively. We regularly check our assortment carefully for the appropriateness of the packaging used and design those that are necessary to be more sustainable step by step. Whether it's 100% recycled paper or 20% recycled plastic - for us, every step in the right direction counts.

Did you know?

All leather accessories from our manufactory in Bielefeld are exclusively provided with a small hanger with Euro perforation and, if necessary, a printed hangtag with important product information. The advantage is obvious: the unsurpassed quality of the materials used by HUNTER can hardly be judged better than through the haptic experience. Moreover, thanks to the lack of packaging, collars and harnesses can be tried on directly and adjusted to the individual measurements of the quadruped.