Successful partnership with Loewe Logistics & Care

For many years now, the long-established company HUNTER has successfully furthered its development as a business and is pursuing ambitious and expansive goals for the future. For this reason the logical decision was to concentrate on core capabilities and to enter into a cooperative partnership with a reliable and professional logistics firm.

By cooperating with logistics provider LOEWE Logistics & Care GmbH & Co. KG, HUNTER has found a successful and trustworthy partner. 21,000 square metres of storage space, the equivalent of 20,000 pallet storage positions, are available and offer enough space for many more new HUNTER products.

Furthermore, HUNTER and LOEWE are aiming to keep logistics environmentally sustainable. First measures have already been successfully implemented. For example LOEWE has chosen alternative storage lighting and is now saving 117,365 kWh p.a., which represents 74t CO2 avoidance. Also, from now on, HUNTER cardboard boxes will be re-used to significantly reduce the total amount of packaging material.

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