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"We set standards, we don’t make compromises and we live this consistent approach with passion and enthusiasm."

HUNTER in the press

Best friends

Pets as an economic factor in East Westphalia
»Ostwestf. Wirtschaft 12/2018«

Merry Christmas for furry friends

Velvet paws love »Brighton«
»GartenFlora 12/2018«

Arrive, unpack, sell

Mobile brand world
»M+A report 6/2018«


»ZZA 7/2018«

HUNTER in Bielefeld

Powerful location
»D. k. aus Bielefeld 3/2016«

Digital becomes physical

Original dog sofas in miniature format
»stores+shops 05/2018«

Living with dog & cat can be so stylish

Dog cushion KEITUM and Co.
»Homes & Gardens 6/2018«

Healthy snacks

Free of grain and sugar
»Markt in Grün 9/2018«

HUNTER at Interzoo

Interzoo 2018
»Interzoo Daily 2018«

Environmentally conscious

PORTO made from olive tanned leather
»Pet 7/2016«

Information for media representatives

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