What drives us?
A common mission!




Our philosophy

Our passion for materials, our outstanding product knowledge and our joy in hand-crafted perfection is our driving force and defines the highest demand we set for ourselves. As a family business, we commit ourselves to setting standards in manufacturing, which no others are capable of doing.


Our key objective

In these times of anonymous, mass-produced goods, quality does not mean a luxury, but rather the individual requirement to provide something special when it matters. It is an expression of dedication, passion and confidence. That’s why quality is our highest goal and it defines our approach. We pursue this requirement without making any compromises – without exception and in detail. As a family-run manufactory, we are focused on high-quality production methods – our customers notice this too in every HUNTER product.


Our general principle

Our passion for quality doesn’t just apply to our products. We want to bring joy to people and animals and visibly express their profound bond. Our understanding of quality also determines our interpersonal communication. It is shaped by dependability, loyalty, partnership and responsibility. You can rely on us, on those who work for HUNTER, and the products we make. Always.

Responsibility & sustainability

Think about tomorrow today

For HUNTER it is of utmost importance to act sustainably and to consciously take responsibility for the »fellow world« - for nature, animals and people. For example, the main catalogue has been climate-neutral for many years by offsetting the CO2 emissions generated during printing and shipping. The gradual digitalisation of internal processes helps us to conserve valuable resources, and last but not least, environmentally friendly toys and co. made of recycled and upcycled materials are on the rise and mark the beginning of a new era. In short: a little greener, step by step.

»This quality is a visible sign of respect, love and responsibility towards animals.«

Qualität leben
Quality. A sign of respect and love.

The majority of our products are produced in Germany and provide quality »Made in Germany« through conviction.

Material & quality

At HUNTER, quality starts with the purchase of the raw materials, is continued during the workmanship and ends with the presentation of the products. As always, customer satisfaction and the wellbeing of dogs and cats is at the heart of our endeavours. We put a great deal of diligence and care into the manufacture of each individual product.

Creativity and service are at the centre of the daily activities in our company. In addition, we do our utmost to combine quality with an attractive design, high functionality and maximum safety.