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Our attention to detail, our craftsmanship and enthusiasm for high-quality designer pieces are part of our long tradition and are incomparable.

At HUNTER, the demand for uncompromising quality begins with the raw material and is the visible sign of respect, love and responsibility towards people and animals.

Durability, comfort & aesthetics
Our conscious decision for leather

What makes leather so special

Probably the oldest recycled product in the world

Leather is not only a symbol of elegance and quality, but also of sustainability and reuse. As arguably the oldest recycled product in the world, it reminds us that resource conservation and craftsmanship are timeless. Its history goes back millennia, and the way it is made, used and reused is a remarkable example of sustainability and resource conservation. It encourages us to rethink the way we consume and appreciate products that have a long history and a promising future.

No fast fashion - durable, repairable

In a world where industry is often dominated by fast-moving trends and disposable items, leather stands as the antithesis of sustainability and longevity. It embodies the idea that quality and timelessness are more important than fast consumption.

Leather becomes more expressive through use

Unlike industrial products that offer standardised quality, leather is a natural product and therefore always shows signs of individual charm. The leathers are unique and their colouring and structure are influenced by environmental factors such as light. Even with daily use of the leather product, a patina develops over time, making each piece a very personal favourite. 

Ecological tanning processes

Naturalness as a sign of individuality and quality. HUNTER carries a range of purely vegetable-tanned leather articles. The focus here is on environmental protection. An extract is obtained from olive tree leaves, a by-product of olive cultivation, which serves as the tanning agent for this leather with the feel-good factor. Thanks to renewable raw materials, the extraction of the tanning agent is very environmentally friendly and offers perfect waste material recycling.

Beautiful natural material that awakens emotions

It is the unmistakable texture, the unique scent and the pleasant feeling when you touch it. Every scar, every wrinkle, every imperfection only makes the product more expressive. This naturalness gives leather a soul and an authenticity.

Temperature balancing properties

Leather has remarkable temperature-balancing properties that make it an extremely versatile and comfortable material. These properties are partly due to the natural characteristics of leather and its ability to adapt to different environmental conditions:

  1. Insulating ability: leather has a natural insulating ability that keeps it cool in summer and warm in winter. It insulates against temperature fluctuations and helps regulate body temperature. This means it is cool and breathable on hot days, while retaining warmth on cold days.  

  2. Breathability: Leather is a breathable material. It allows moisture and air to exchange between the body and the environment. This prevents moisture build-up and helps keep the body dry and comfortable, even in humid conditions.  

  3. Adaptability: Leather adapts to body temperature by expanding in heat and contracting in cold. This adaptability makes it extremely comfortable to wear, as it feels like a second skin.  

  4. Resistance to extreme conditions: Leather can withstand extreme temperatures, whether in hot weather or cold winter conditions. It maintains its properties and durability without hardening or becoming brittle. 

  5. Water repellent: Although leather is not waterproof, it repels water and can keep moisture out. This makes it resistant to light rainfall and allows it to stay dry as long as it is not exposed to water for a long time. 

Pleasant smell

The pleasant smell of leather is a characteristic feature of this natural material and contributes significantly to its fascination. Each piece of leather has a slightly different scent, depending on the animal species, the tanning and processing method. This enhances the uniqueness and individuality of each leather. 

Robust and durable

Leather is an extremely durable material. It resists scratches and wear better than most other materials. With the right care, leather can last for years, making it a cost-effective choice. 

Sustainability & Responsibility

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