Melaminefeeding bowl Ricarda M.

Is style very important to you? Do you like the idea of carefully designing every aspect of your home, and carefully and lovingly selecting each item? Then the RICARDA M. melamine feeding bowl is the perfect choice for you and your dog. The melamine stand supports a removable stainless steel bowl which is easy as pie to rinse and is also dishwasher-safe. That way, you can always guarantee that the bowl will be squeaky clean for your dog’s next meal. If bits of food end up on the melamine stand, it can simply be rinsed or washed off. The RICARDA M. melamine feeding bowl stays in place thanks to the rubber lip on the bottom. Alongside all of these practical advantages, the RICARDA M. melamine feeding bowl is also very aesthetically pleasing. The gold pattern on the elegant black background will always catch your eye, particularly in combination with the RICARDA M. bowl base.

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