CollarModern Art Deluxe

The MODERN ART DELUXE is an excellent choice of any dog owner who wants to give their dog a truly special collar and leash. The artificial leather collar looks youthful, fresh and, thanks to the many shimmering rhinestones, very glamorous too. 
 The MODERN ART DELUXE collar is available in four colours - classic black, two pastel colour combinations and an exciting black and red version. The two-tone MODERN ART DELUXE collars are a particular eye-catcher, as the contrasting inner side shines out at the edge of the collar and thus gives the whole collar a stunning visual highlight. 
The carefully and securely integrated rhinestones - on the MODERN ART DELUXE collar, they are aligned in two rows - shine especially brightly on sunny days, and even in bad weather they provide an unmissable air of luxury. 
The MODERN ART DELUXE collar is available in 5 sizes and is the perfect partner for leashes in the MODERN ART range. 

Size Adjustabilities Width
35 24 – 30 cm 2,2 cm
40 29 – 35 cm 2,2 cm
45 34 – 40 cm 2,2 cm
50 39 – 45 cm 2,2 cm
55 44 – 50 cm 2,2 cm
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