CollarModern Art Deluxe

Whoever is looking for a collar that offers luxury and glamour can’t go far wrong with the MODERN ART DELUXE collar. The smooth artificial leather collar has a very fashionable and youthful appearance and quite literally brings brilliance to everyday life with your dog thanks to the two rows of rhinestones. The artificial leather rests softly against your dog’s neck and provides a pleasant-to-wear sensation. What’s more, it is very low-maintenance as minor stains can simply be washed off.  The MODERN ART DELUXE collar is available in a range of sizes.

Size Adjustabilities Width
35 24 – 30 cm 2,2 cm
40 29 – 35 cm 2,2 cm
45 34 – 40 cm 2,2 cm
50 39 – 45 cm 2,2 cm
55 44 – 50 cm 2,2 cm
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