LEDluminescent collar Manoa Glow

The MANOA Glow LED collar goes one step further than conventional reflective collars. In addition to reflective components, this useful collar also features in-built LED lights that ensure visibility and safety even in complete darkness. 
Collars are constantly gaining popularity among dog owners as they can be put on and taken off quickly and are always a perfect fit. With the MANOA Glow LED collar too, the width can be set independently from the catch so that the fit never changes when opening the MANOA Glow collar using the useful side-release buckle. A strain relief mechanism protects your dog’s sensitive skin. 
You can manage the light settings of the MANOA Glow collar using a button, or switch them off entirely. The battery, which provides power for up to 4 hours of flashing or continuous light, can be charged using the USB cable included in the package.  The LED light chain and the battery are splash-proof and weatherproof.
Available in three sizes and two choices of colour. The ideal complement to the MANOA Glow collar is the MANOA Glow LED leash.

Size Adjustabilities Width
40 35 – 40 cm 2,5 cm
45 40 – 45 cm 2,5 cm
50 45 – 50 cm 2,5 cm
55 50 – 55 cm 2,5 cm
60 55 – 60 cm 2,5 cm
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