Dogtoy Tanami

Have you ever heard of a badger that wears chequered trousers? No? Then you obviously haven’t discovered the TANAMI dog toy yet, one example of which is a beaver wearing chequered trousers! As well as the beaver, in the TANAMI range there is also a badger (with a chequered waistcoat) and a unicorn (with a chequered horn!) There’ll be no end to the fun you can have with your dog! The TANAMI dog toy is ideally suited to fun and games, whether you’re playing with the toy with your dog, if your dog is amusing itself or if several dogs are playing together. Thanks to the polyester filling, the TANAMI dog toy is very soft and will do no damage to your dog’s sensitive mouth. Playing in the dirt is a thing of the past with the TANAMI dog toy. You can wash the toy at 30° C, and once dry, the toy is ready for use once more. In the interest of your dog’s welfare, it is a good idea to keep an eye on your dog while it is playing.

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