Dogtoy Kigoma

You and your canine friend will have a lot of fun with the KIGOMA dog toy. The large, soft cotton and polyester toy is easy to throw and retrieve and can also be a cuddly little friend for your dog. The various KIGOMA characters, which are made out of cuddly, velvety material, are always ready to keep your dog company. Young dogs in particular are often happy to have some company at night - or even during the day - in their basket or on a dog cushion. At the same time, the big KIGOMA dog toy is also a perfect partner for fun and games, either between a dog and its owner or with other dogs. Thanks to the soft polyester filling, the KIGOMA toys are easy to grasp in the mouth and carry around. They are very gentle on the sensitive skin in your dog’s mouth. If the TANAMI dog toy should ever pick up some dirt during playtime or an outdoor excursion, you can easily machine wash it at 30 °C. Here at HUNTER, we feel very strongly about your dog’s well-being. We would ask that you always keep an eye on your dog while it is playing with toys.

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