There is hardly anything more important for a harness than a perfect fit. Just like a good shoe, your dog should be able to slip in and feel free and comfortable, right from the get-go. With the AALBORG Y-harness, HUNTER has developed a flexible and robust harness at its own Bielefeld factory that is made entirely of leather, with the exception of the fittings and clasps. The harness can be individually adapted to your dog’s physique – in the neck area, on the chest and under the belly. The cow leather used is pleasant to the touch and soft. The dog’s own body warmth makes the harness nestle against the dog’s body. In addition to its extremely versatile usage in everyday life, training and sporting activities, it is also particularly easy to take care of and makes a statement with its deliberately simple and functional design.

Size Width Adjust. neck Adjust. belly
M–L/1 2,5 cm 58 – 80 cm 63 – 90 cm
M–L/2 2,5 cm 62 – 90 cm 65 – 95 cm
S–M/1 2,0 cm 44 – 56 cm 47 – 63 cm
S–M/2 2,5 cm 51 – 64 cm 52 – 72 cm
XS 1,5 cm 38 – 52 cm 36 – 50 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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