Trainingcollar with handle Larvik

No matter if professional or hobby dog athlete: you just have to love this collar! Strong cow leather forms the basis of this must-have, with the especially tightly sewn handle made from the same high-quality leather making it possible to safely hold and control the dog in a matter of seconds. LARVIK is there to perform in every kind of situation in which your dog needs to be supported or corrected (for example in traffic, in protection services or subordination). The wholly-sewn training collar was developed especially for large and strong dogs. Thanks to especially good pressure distribution over the wide contact surface and the curved nappa leather lining, LARVIK is such a comfortable fit on your dog’s neck that they can concentrate solely on the tasks and commands they are supposed to carry out. Any leash can be hooked onto the O ring, which is attached to the handle and is freely movable.

Size Adjustabilities Width Format/Dimension
L–XL 53 – 62 cm 4,8 cm 70
M–L 43 – 52 cm 4,8 cm 60
M 38 – 47 cm 4,8 cm 55
L 48 – 57 cm 4,8 cm 65
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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