Greyhoundcollar Larvik Style

Clear, simple and exquisite – these are the qualities that describe the look of the dog collar in our LARVIK series. Just like the Norwegian region of the same name, this collar will win you over with its calm straight lines and Scandinavian sense of style. The collar combines high-quality, non-slip genuine cow leather with no-fuss metal fasteners and an integrated leather key ring in a way that can quite literally be described as well-rounded. But the real highlight is the metal, diamond-cut pyramid trim, which provides an extra serving of »bling«. This variant has extra lining to meet the special needs of the greyhound’s sensitive neck and has been especially tailored to this animal’s anatomy. Those who like it classically Nordic will find just what they’re looking for: something elegant, comfortable and even a little bit glamorous.

Size Adjustabilities Width Format/Dimension
S–M 37 – 43 cm 6,5 cm 47
XS–S 29 – 33 cm 4,8 cm 37
XS 25 – 28 cm 4,2 cm 32
S 32 – 38 cm 6,0 cm 42
M 42 – 48 cm 6,5 cm 52
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