HUNTER products stand for a high-quality selection of materials. We do not make any compromises, least of all when it comes to our leather, and we are always on the lookout for new variations. This is why we are especially proud of the new addition to our leather family, which forms the basis of our Tara product series: Russia leather. Its origins can be traced back to pre-Revolutionary times. In order to keep their feet dry in cold, wet areas, the Russian military in particular required exceptionally durable, water-resistant boots. To this end, willow bark was used to tan cow leather before birch tar oil was worked into it, making the leather especially sturdy and giving it an unmistakeable, striking aroma. “Tough as Russia leather” became a popular catchphrase, and the material itself became synonymous with durability and resilience. The Tara collar is based on this old tanning tradition, which HUNTER has brought back to life using gentle, contemporary and purely plant-based ingredients. The result is a dirt and water-resistant favourite that is extremely supple to the touch despite its robustness. Contrasting stitching and the removable HUNTER logo key ring made from Russia leather complete the rustic look of this unique piece, which we are presenting to you as an exclusive, brand new product.

Size Adjustabilities Width
45 30 – 38 cm 3,5 cm
50 35 – 43 cm 3,5 cm
55 40 – 48 cm 4,0 cm
60 45 – 53 cm 4,0 cm
65 50 – 58 cm 4,0 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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