CollarHella Reflect

In theory, the daily walk is an enjoyable break from the daily routine for dog owners too. In practice, however, every now and then the beauty of one’s natural surroundings are hidden by rain, fog or darkness. The highly reflective HELLA Reflect collar ensures drastically improved visibility and thereby increased safety in such situations.
The net fabric of the upper surface of the HELLA Reflect collar is extremely reflective, which makes your dog - and therefore you as well - much more visible in poor light conditions. Other road users will therefore be able to see your dog more easily thanks to the HELLA Reflect collar.
For increased wear comfort, the HELLA Reflect collar is lined with artificial leather. HUNTER’s very soft artificial leather is comfortably supple and is therefore very gentle on your dog’s sensitive skin. The removable keyring on the collar is also made using this same reflective net fabric.
The HELLA Reflect collar is available in various sizes. Made in Germany. 

Size Adjustabilities Width
30 20 – 24 cm 2,2 cm
35 23 – 29 cm 2,2 cm
40 28 – 34 cm 2,2 cm
45 29 – 37 cm 2,8 cm
50 34 – 42 cm 2,8 cm
55 39 – 47 cm 2,8 cm
60 41 – 51 cm 3,5 cm
65 46 – 56 cm 3,5 cm
  • reflective reflective
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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