A collar is one of, if not THE most important item of dog kit. Quality is therefore a very important factor, especially since the collar is in direct contact with the dog’s fur or skin. The PORTO collar, made from innovative vegetable-tanned premium leather, meets these high quality standards. It features a simple design that showcases the high-quality eco leather. The leather used in producing the PORTO collar is tanned using an extract from olive leaves. These leaves – a “by-product” of the olive growing industry – are put to sensible and sustainable use in the leather tanning trade. The PORTO collar is eco-friendly in two respects, as both the leather itself and the tanning agent are based on renewable raw materials. The use of olive leaf extract as a tanning agent makes the leather extra soft and even lends it a Mediterranean scent. The PORTO collar made from premium eco leather is available in cognac and three other colour combinations. For a perfect match, we recommend teaming it up with the PORTO leash. In the case of vegetable-tanned leather, the colour can rub off.

Size Adjustabilities Width
30 21 – 25 cm 1,8 cm
35 24 – 30 cm 1,8 cm
40 29 – 35 cm 1,8 cm
45 33 – 39 cm 2,8 cm
50 37 – 43 cm 2,8 cm
55 42 – 48 cm 3,5 cm
60 46 – 52 cm 3,5 cm
65 50 – 56 cm 3,5 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
Collar Porto