A collar is an essential item of kit for any dog – the most commonly worn piece of pet “attire”, so to speak. It is therefore important not to save on quality if the dog and its owner are to get long-term satisfaction from the collar. That’s why at HUNTER we pay particular attention to high-quality materials and meticulous workmanship. The PORTO collar is made from premium eco leather. This type of leather is tanned using olive leaves. The leaves are a by-product of the olive-growing industry. Hence, this tanning agent is environmentally friendly and renewable – which is an advantage for each and every one of us! The PORTO collar features a very simple design that showcases the olive-tanned premium Cow leather. It comes in eight different sizes, so you’re sure to find one to fit your dog. The collar is available in single-tone cognac brown as well as three different colour combinations which go perfectly with the adjustable PORTO leash. In the case of vegetable-tanned leather, the colour can rub off.

Size Adjustabilities Width
30 21 – 25 cm 1,8 cm
35 24 – 30 cm 1,8 cm
40 29 – 35 cm 1,8 cm
45 33 – 39 cm 2,8 cm
50 37 – 43 cm 2,8 cm
55 42 – 48 cm 3,5 cm
60 46 – 52 cm 3,5 cm
65 50 – 56 cm 3,5 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
Collar Porto