Greyhoundcollar Rom

A sighthound needs a special collar that it can’t slip out of with its relatively small head. The wide Rom collar made of soft full-grain leather is ideal for this breed. Thanks to the supple leather, the collar is comfortable to wear; the wide front section of the collar protects the sensitive larynx area, thus avoiding any unnecessary pressure or irritation. In addition, the soft full-grain cowhide protects the dog’s fur and skin. The collar is decorated with coin-like metal applications reminiscent of Ancient Rome. It is suitable for any breed of sighthound, be it galgo, barsoi, greyhound, whippet or saluki. The wide ROM sighthound collar can be combined with a wide variety of leather dog leashes from the HUNTER range, including conventional and adjustable models which also come in brown or black leather.

Size Adjustabilities Width Format/Dimension
S–M 37 – 43 cm 6,5 cm 47
XS–S 29 – 33 cm 5,0 cm 37
XS 25 – 28 cm 4,2 cm 32
S 33 – 39 cm 6,0 cm 42
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