Greyhoundcollar Super Soft

Sighthounds do not generally need more exercise than other dogs, but they should be given the opportunity to run loose several times a week. This does not necessitate any special kit. However, all other walks call for a leash and collar. The extra-soft sighthound collar is ideally suited to the needs of this breed. Sighthound owners are well aware that these extremely athletic dogs require specially designed wide collars that they cannot slip out of. The SUPER SOFT sighthound collar fulfils these requirements and helps keep your dog safe. The collar is made from extra-soft full-grain cowhide, making it ideal for sighthounds. As the sighthound collar is soft on the neck, dogs soon get used to wearing it. The SUPER SOFT sighthound collar can be combined with a wide variety of dog leashes from the HUNTER range.

Size Adjustabilities Width Format/Dimension
S–M 37 – 43 cm 6,5 cm 47
XS–S 29 – 33 cm 5,0 cm 37
XS 25 – 28 cm 4,2 cm 32
S 33 – 39 cm 6,0 cm 42
M 41 – 48 cm 6,5 cm 52
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