Trainingcollar Round & Soft Elk

The round-stitched material is especially fur-friendly and has a high wearing comfort for your dog. The reason why the surface of the ROUND & SOFT ELK training collar is so supple is the Scandinavian elk leather - this exquisite surface also conceals a core made of nylon. As a result, the collar is not only elegant but also suitable for everyday use. Due to the stop ring, the ROUND & SOFT ELK training collar is individually adjustable.

Size Adjustabilities Diameter
L–XL max. 60 cm 10 mm
M–L max. 50 cm 10 mm
S–M max. 40 cm 10 mm
M max. 45 cm 10 mm
L max. 55 cm 10 mm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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