HarnessRound & Soft Luxus Elk Petit

HUNTER has developed the lightweight ROUND & SOFT LUXUS ELK PETIT harness especially for smaller dogs. This lightweight, soft harness with shining stone decorations is a perfect fit for Pugs and French Bulldogs in particular, and for smaller dogs in general too. The lightweight ROUND & SOFT LUXUS ELK PETIT harness has been designed specifically with smaller dogs in mind. Various elements of the harness ensure optimum wearing comfort - the clever fit which is tailored towards smaller physiques, the soft and supple Scandinavian elk leather and the rounded-profile which is particularly comfortable to wear and is very gentle on the fur, even for long-haired dogs. Thanks to a nylon inlay concealed within the rounded elk leather, the ROUND & SOFT LUXUS ELK PETIT harness is very sturdy despite its delicate and lightweight design. The decorative stones embedded in the surface of the harness provide a hint of luxury.

Size Width Adjust. belly Neck girth
S/1 6/14 mm 42 – 48 cm 33 cm
S/2 8/18 mm 45 – 51 cm 36 cm
S–M 8/18 mm 50 – 56 cm 39 cm
XS–S 6/14 mm 37 – 43 cm 30 cm
XXS–XS 6/14 mm 32 – 38 cm 27 cm
M 8/18 mm 55 – 61 cm 42 cm
  • Made in Germany Made in Germany
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