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In August 2019, a new and exciting phase of life began at HUNTER for the two trainee industrial clerks Ronja Struwe and Antje Panhorst. In the past 2.5 years, they got to know all the departments and areas of responsibility of the family-run company very well and were able to score points with their friendly and open manner, their motivation and enthusiasm and their ...

FC Bayern München stands for international class, top quality and emotionality like hardly any other club. It unites its loyal fans worldwide into one big family. Deep down, this connects the Munich record champion ...

Thanks to the KISA dog toy, being out and about with your four-legged friend after sunset no longer means giving up action-packed ball games. On the contrary! As soon as the daylight gives way to twilight, the fun ...

The desire for a 100 percent balanced look is met by the additions to the popular DIVO and MALDON series. In addition to collars and harnesses in new, bold colours, leashes are now available that are absolutely ...

As an especially practical accessory, they have quickly found their way into almost every home that is enriched by a four-legged friend. They are made of food-safe silicone and protect the sensitive floor from puddles ...

For several years, HUNTER has been committed to the German-based, non-profit aid organisation »Live and Learn in Kenya Int‘l«. This organisation pursues the goal of getting the children of the Ronda slums of ...

The long-standing friendship between HUNTER and the iconic lifestyle brand SANSIBAR goes into the next round. This time, canine fun and culinary enjoyment are at the top of the list. In close cooperation, convincing ...

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Warmth and wellness are good for humans and dogs alike in the dark half of the year. 

TBV goalkeeper Finn Zecher visits HUNTER 

Festive accessories for four-legged and two-legged friends that make the eyes light up. 

Delights four-legged friends and has what it takes to be a »best buddy«: The giraffe from the EIBY dog toy series. 

At first glance, the ROAD REFRESHER™ travel bowl looks like an ordinary water dispenser. But thanks to the clever design, the bowl is completely »slobber-free« - even on bumpy car journeys, nothing will go astray. 

With the right accessories, holidays and trips with your four-legged friend are even more fun.  

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