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»Very good« for HUNTER snack lines NATURE, LIFESTYLE and TRAINING

Via the independent test portal Futtertester.de, 100 of over 27,000 registered users had the opportunity to critically examine 12 different varieties of HUNTER dog snacks »Made in Germany« for two weeks.

The following varieties were tested: NATURE Wild Boar, Duck, Chicken and Beef, LIFESTYLE Grandma's kitchen, Made with love, Veggie Bites and Down on the farm as well as TRAINING Super Athlete, Motivation, Sensitive and Low fat, which HUNTER has included in its range since May 2018.

With 9.6 out of 10 possible stars and a test rating »very good«, the dog snacks were convincing across the board.

Questions were asked about the taste and compatibility of the snacks. Users were also able to provide feedback on the packaging as well as on the size, composition and consistency of the snacks. A total of 93.62% stated after completion of the test that they would recommend the HUNTER snacks to other dog owners - a complete success!

HUNTER would like to thank all snack testers for their dedicated participation and will gladly use the valuable comments to further improve the snack range.

By the way: this year's HUNTER Advent calendar contains a daily variety of dog snacks rated »very good« by Futtertester.de users. So you can feast on it with pleasure!

>> Overview of all variants