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HUNTER donation: Mouth-nose-masks arrived at Kenyan school

With »Asante Sana« (Swahili for »Thank you«) 500 textile, reusable HUNTER masks were gratefully received in the Kenyan Ronda-/Barut slums. The Bielefeld-based family business HUNTER had donated the masks, which are produced in its own factory, without further ado in order to support the association »Live and Learn in Kenya Int‘l«. In Kenya, since the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, there has been a strict obligation to wear masks in public. Some girls from the school's tailor shop have already been sewing fabric masks for several weeks. Since the masks are regularly changed and washed, however, their own capacities were quickly exhausted. The donated HUNTER masks were immediately passed on to teachers, parents and students and should help to contain the further spread of SARS-CoV-2. HUNTER has been supporting the sponsored children Emmanuel and Precious for many years now. Through the German based charitable organisation »Live and Learn in Kenya Int‘l« they are provided with school education and a daily warm lunch. In addition to the sponsorships, the company also contributes financially to the construction and expansion of the school including the classrooms as well as the new construction of the dining hall which is also used as a multipurpose hall. More information about the association supported by HUNTER and the current status of the projects at www.llk-selb.de