Summer party in honour of the HUNTER founding father

An East Westphalian visionary and entrepreneur turns 80. Rolf Trautwein has written and shaped the history of the family business HUNTER. To honour his life's work, HUNTER invited companions, long-time partners and employees to a summer party in Bielefeld. Donations instead of presents was the motto. 8,000 euros were collected, which daughter and successor Nadine Trautwein spontaneously doubled together with father Rolf Trautwein. The donation totalling 16,000 euros goes to the heart project »Living and Learning in Kenya«.

»Every new beginning requires courage«, says Managing Director Nadine Trautwein and adds: »My father demonstrated this when he founded HUNTER from what was actually a secure permanent position« an excerpt from the moving speech of Rolf Trautwein's visibly proud daughter and successor on the occasion of his 80th birthday and his entrepreneurial legacy. »You see a new opportunity on a blank page, a solution, a team, a new product, where others see nothing,« Nadine Trautwein said in her speech about her father.

More than 300 guests, including partners and employees for decades, celebrated Rolf Trautwein's 80th birthday at the HUNTER summer party. »Even guests from Taiwan and China congratulated my father personally,« Nadine Trautwein.

16,000 euros in donations for »Living and Learning in Kenya e.V.«

»Taking responsibility as a company« is, according to Nadine Trautwein, a formative lesson of her father and »a lived value at HUNTER«. Also a reason to collect donations instead of presents for Rolf Trautwein's birthday and to double them spontaneously. A total of 16,000 euros will go to the non-profit organisation »Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V.« (Living and Learning in Kenya), which HUNTER has supported for years, among other things with complete sponsorships. This is not the only social commitment of the family-owned company. There is also a decades-long partnership at eye level with »VITA e.V. Assistenzhunde«. »My father set an example of entrepreneurship and I continue this responsibility,« says Nadine Trautwein.

At the age of 37, she put all her eggs in one basket: HUNTER

Over 40 years ago, the name HUNTER was still free and completely unknown. Today it is a family business and a global brand as a successful manufacturer of pet supplies from Bielefeld. At the age of 37, Rolf Trautwein sat in his van and bought suitable special machines for his own production from insolvent companies all over Germany. Adapted to his own needs, rebuilt and perfected. Founder Rolf Trautwein also took on the recruitment of personnel »HUNTER was a topic at breakfast, lunch and dinner. So I was able to experience entrepreneurship at first hand,« Nadine Trautwein. The beginning of a successful family business history, which has been continued by the entrepreneur's daughter Nadine Trautwein since 2007. So there were two reasons to celebrate: the decades-long HUNTER success story and Rolf Trautwein's 80th birthday. The HUNTER summer party provided the setting - because HUNTER and Rolf Trautwein are simply inseparable.