Stylish floor protection for dog and cat lovers

As an especially practical accessory, they have quickly found their way into almost every home that is enriched by a four-legged friend. They are made of food-safe silicone and protect the sensitive floor from puddles of water and chunks of food thrown out of the bowl. By popular demand, these comfortable everyday helpers are now available from HUNTER in other shapes. The round SELECTION version is suitable as a base for two small or one large bowl - ideal for models with a large capacity, because fresh water should be available to four-legged friends day and night without restriction. The foldable bowl mat can be folded up in just a few seconds to save space. In its full size, it offers enough space for two large bowls, for example, with its classic rectangular shape. Ideal for an overnight stay with friends, a family visit or a hotel stay with your four-legged friend. No matter which SELECTION version you choose: once you have enjoyed the hygienic and practical advantages, you will definitely not want to do without this must-have.