Sports sponsorship: D1 junior team of Post TSV Detmold e.V. gets support from HUNTER

Children and young people have suffered massively from social restrictions since the beginning of the pandemic, as the practice of team sports in particular was impossible or subject to strict restrictions for a long period of time. Local sports clubs that are active where families live with their children have been doing valuable work for many years without receiving much attention for it.
However, it is the active membership in a football club like Post TSV that turns children and teenagers into strong, self-confident team players. In addition, coordination, sense of balance, speed and general agility are trained during training. Reason enough for the Bielefeld-based family business HUNTER to support the committed work of the Post TSV Detmold e.V. football club as a sponsor. As a visible sign, the juniors of 2009 will soon be in top form in training jackets and jerseys with the HUNTER logo.

Copyright images: Kai Hahn