Social commitment: HUNTER takes over sponsorship for Kenyan children

For several years, HUNTER has been committed to the German-based, non-profit aid organisation »Live and Learn in Kenya Int‘l«. This organisation pursues the goal of getting the children of the Ronda slums of Nakuru, Kenya, out of their poverty, improving their living conditions and permanently changing their future.

By taking on further sponsorships for the young children Dennis, Gloria and Tracey, HUNTER ensures their comprehensive schooling and vocational training. Whether it is teaching materials, a school uniform, a warm meal and clean drinking water or the necessary medical care - from now on, the children will no longer lack essentials.

HUNTER has been a sponsor out of deep conviction since 2017. The current schoolchildren Emmanuel and Precious have been supported for around four years and are well on the way to being able to earn their own money in the future and lead a comparatively good life.

In addition, it is particularly gratifying that some colleagues and partners of the Bielefeld-based family business have as well decided to take on a personal sponsorship for a »Live and Learn in Kenya Int‘l« child.