Orthopaedic dog sofa MERIDA

After an action-packed trip to the forest or a visit to dog school, four-legged friends long straight for a restful nap. The MERIDA orthopaedic dog sofa is ideal for older dogs and those with musculoskeletal disorders. Dogs who are particularly active in sports or puppies for whom you want to take active precautions are also grateful for the noticeable comfort and the unsurpassable feeling of well-being when falling asleep and waking up. The lying surface of the sofa is filled with memory foam flakes that adapt perfectly to the shape of the body and can help improve the quality of sleep. To get the optimal effect of the memory foam flakes, the mat should be shaken up at regular intervals. The head can be laid relaxed on the dimensionally stable edge like on a pillow - most four-legged friends like that very much. The underside of the cosy dog sofa is made of a non-slip material so that it stays securely in place even for lively dogs and those who find standing up challenging due to their age. By manufacturing the MERIDA dog sofa in Europe, transport distances can be shortened and thus the CO2 footprint of this product can be reduced. If MERIDA gets dirty through daily use, the robust cover can be removed thanks to all-round zips and machine-washed at 30 °C.