Makes loyal dog's eyes light up - Dog toy KISA

Thanks to the KISA dog toy, being out and about with your four-legged friend after sunset no longer means giving up action-packed ball games. On the contrary! As soon as the daylight gives way to twilight, the fun really starts. The original throwing and retrieving toy glows pleasantly brightly thanks to fluorescent TPR material after being »charged« in daylight or under an ordinary lamp. This makes KISA highly visible to humans and dogs even in poor lighting conditions and on all surfaces. Thanks to the special surface structure, the toy is easy for the dog to pick up and effortlessly hold in the catch. The fine grooves and ridges also help to massage the gums and clean the teeth. It doesn't matter whether the dog is a »land urchin« or a »water rat«, because the bright companion also follows the four-legged friend into the cool water and floats patiently on the surface.