HUNTER thanks the entire team with a 500€ Corona bonus

Grateful for the loyalty, flexibility and tireless commitment of the 160-strong team, HUNTER General Manager Nadine Trautwein paid out a Corona bonus of €500 to each employee with their April salary.

Always one step ahead of the times, the organisational and technical prerequisites for the majority of employees to work from home offices were created at an early stage at the beginning of 2020. In addition, since the beginning of the pandemic, contactless disinfection dispensers have been available at all central points of the company's headquarters, and mouth/nose masks were initially produced in-house from textile materials due to a lack of availability and then purchased shortly afterwards in order to ensure the greatest possible safety for each individual with FFP2 masks. Several times a week, HUNTER employees can also take quick tests free of charge, which are carried out by trained personnel.

Thanks to the consistent adherence to the company's own safety and hygiene measures and the prudent behaviour of the employees in the private sphere, production in the leather manufactory could continue without any interruptions due to illness or quarantine, and there were also no significant restrictions in the administration.

René Brinkmeyer, a long-time employee at the HUNTER headquarters, was overwhelmed by the Corona bonus: »I would like to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the 500€! As soon as it is possible again, I would like to invite my family for dinner - preferably outside, in the sunshine. The rest will be saved so that we can treat ourselves to an unforgettable holiday next year.«