HUNTER takes over the Stylecats company

Until now, HUNTER was primarily the brand for dogs. With the takeover of Stylecats, this will now change. The hitherto rather small cat range will be expanded to include the Stylecats premium products. As with HUNTER, Stylecats also focuses on functionality and aesthetics.
The products will continue to be available in the existing online shop, as well as in stores from mid-2024. Stylecats will remain an independent brand. The current Managing Director Carsten Thylmann will continue to be responsible for product development as Category Manager and further expand the range - now as part of the HUNTER family. Stylecats is to be developed into a B2B brand by mid-2024.

»HUNTER and Stylecats - that's a perfect match for us. We have had our eye on Stylecats for some time and have already been in loose contact with the two founders for a few years. I liked the products right from the start. From my point of view, there is no more aesthetically pleasing cat furniture in the entire pet industry. The puristic design, paired with the unique functionality and the perfectionism in manufacturing, quickly excited me.« Nadine Trautwein, Managing Partner of the HUNTER Group, comments on the motives for the acquisition.

»I am very happy that we now have this unique brand on board and really appreciate the many synergies and opportunities that have already arisen,« Nadine adds further.

Stylecats remains an independent brand and will be further developed as such. Founder Carsten Thylmann is already an active addition to the HUNTER team and will continue to be responsible for the development and expansion of cat accessories in the future.

A shared vision

»The vision of Stylecats is to think cat furniture and accessories in a new and modern way. We want to design products that are cat-friendly and at the same time puristic eye-catchers that enhance every home,« explains Carsten Thylmann. The result is a range of minimalist-looking, very high-quality scratching furniture, cat beds and dens, toys, bowls and much more. The brand's products will continue to be available in the Stylecats online shop, as well as locally in knowledgeable specialist shops from mid-2024.

After all, the cat is the most popular pet in Germany. 15.2 million cats live in 24 percent of German households. In 43 percent of households with one cat, there are two or more pets. A large market, therefore, which HUNTER would like to serve even better in the future.

For HUNTER, the two categories dog and cat have always been set as a brand strategy. However, the dog category had a much greater significance in the past - »We simply had more dog owners in the development team,« Nadine Trautwein smiles. »It's good that we're now going to change that with Stylecats' comprehensive range and that we have a cat expert on board with Carsten from now on. He not only brings with him the experience as founder and design know-how, but as a long-time cat owner also the love for and knowledge of the animal,« says Nadine Trautwein.

HUNTER and Stylecats have more than just a love of animals in common

HUNTER and Stylecats don't just fit so well together because they produce pet products with a high demand on quality and aesthetics. But also because they share the same values. Production is as regional and sustainable as possible. Stylecats packages products 100% plastic-free, for example. Returned goods are either refurbished or donated, as is the case with HUNTER, and thus kept in circulation. Toys are made from production leftovers. Stylecats also works with YOOK to enable climate-neutral online shopping. HUNTER also proves time and again how seriously the company takes the topic of environmental protection and social responsibility. The vision that HUNTER is now pursuing together with Stylecats: We create a livable and lovable world for all living creatures!

»Furthermore, it also 'fits' very well on a human level. With Carsten, a very reflective person comes to us who radiates a great calmness and who drives forward solutions with an entrepreneurial mindset.«

Paw in paw towards the future

HUNTER and Stylecats were first in talks back in 2019. The two family businesses have kept in touch and have now decided to merge. »I am convinced that our customers will be just as happy about our addition as we are - the products are simply unique and cannot be compared to anything existing,« says Nadine Trautwein.