From Bétera to Bielefeld - One tree, 30 kilos of oranges and many happy faces

We have grown - an adopted orange tree in the eastern part of Spain is officially part of the »HUNTER family«. The strong trees on the Finca CABET in Bétera bear countless fully ripe fruits. On an area of more than 12 hectares, pomegranates, persimmons and mandarins are also grown at the partner farm of the direct marketing platform The location of the cultivation area at the foot of the Sierra Calderona mountains, just north of Valencia, is considered its »green lung«. Thanks to fertile soils and good climatic conditions, the harvests are high-yielding and the fruits are particularly aromatic. Since 2020, farmer Toni Artudeño and his team have been gradually converting to organic farming and have resumed traditional methods such as harvesting by hand. The organic fruit is packed in a sturdy box immediately after harvesting and delivered directly from the finca to HUNTER. Our tree produces around 30 kilos of sun-ripened oranges every season thanks to careful tending - enough for an extra portion of happiness and vitamins for the entire HUNTER team.

Copyright images: CrowdFarming SL