Followed up: HUNTER x SANSIBAR provides play, fun and enjoyment

The long-standing friendship between HUNTER and the iconic lifestyle brand SANSIBAR goes into the next round. This time, canine fun and culinary enjoyment are at the top of the list. In close cooperation, convincing highlights have been realised that will not only make Nordic hearts beat faster. The SANSIBAR MORSUM frisbee whistles audibly through the air and is then caught by the four-legged friend at exactly the right moment. The animating whistle is generated by slit-shaped openings in the surface of the frisbee - this definitely takes exuberant play sessions to a new level! Thanks to the rubberised edge, MORSUM is particularly tooth-friendly and is great fun for medium-sized and large dogs. The MORSUM snack bag is also sure to put your dog in a good mood. From now on, the search for the last crumbly treat in your jacket pocket is over! The aesthetic »snack depot« made of food-safe silicone is an all-round clean thing. Reward morsels won't fall out accidentally and their smell won't get through to the two-legged table neighbours in the restaurant either. Thanks to the practical plastic clip, the snack bag can be attached flexibly to your own clothing. SANSIBAR MORSUM enables dog owners to promptly reward their four-legged friends for desirable behaviour, such as staying well-behaved at the table or retrieving the unique frisbee of the same name. The smart must-haves with the look and feel of Sansibar are without question a feast for all the senses!