First-class dirt trap for your home - WATERLOO keeps dog paws dry

The WATERLOO brush mat absorbs dirt and moisture as reliably as a sponge. What sticks to the fur and paws of the four-legged friend and should not get into the clean home or car is absorbed by the dirt-trapping dog mat. The soft, thick mat works excellently as a dirt trap. It absorbs many times its own weight and allows the wet four-legged friend to drip off and dry after a walk through »muddy weather«. Thanks to the waterproof and anti-slip underside, WATERLOO remains reliably in place until the four-legged friend is dry and clean. Even when travelling, in the transport box or in the dog bed at home, the dirt-trapping mat proves to be a practical everyday helper, saves time and is easy on the nerves. No matter what - WATERLOO takes care of the rest.