HUNTER doubles annual Christmas donation to two heart projects

As in previous years, HUNTER is foregoing Christmas presents for customers and partners in the challenging Corona year 2020 and is instead donating to two projects close to the heart of Managing Director Nadine Trautwein, »VITA Assistenzhunde e.V.« and »Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l«. Both organisations suffered greatly from the consequences of the pandemic. The annual VITA fundraising gala could not take place and the children who are supported by the LLK could not go to school for several months and therefore could not have their daily warm meal from the school kitchen. Already in the summer, HUNTER donated 500 reusable everyday masks, made in their own factory, to Kenya and also brought forward the Christmas donation to both associations. This donation has now been doubled, so that the Bielefeld-based company was able to provide a total of 10,000 € to both such great, committed and support-worthy organisations.

You can find more information about the organisations on their websites:

»Leben und Lernen in Kenia e.V.«:

»VITA Assistenzhunde e.V.«: