For pragmatists who care about functionality, safety and durability. For dog owners who can't get enough of fashionable prints and for comfort lovers who don't want to have to care for a collar and leash in addition to their »shaggy dog«. For all those, the luminous CONVENIENCE REFLECT and CONVENIENCE REFLECT GLOW series are a reason to cheer. They are made of a light, hard-wearing plastic composite that is printed on the outside with either a starry night sky or a stylish leopard pattern. Water and dirt have no chance to penetrate the material - dog accessories have never been easier to clean! The products in the CONVENIENCE REFLECT series reliably reflect the light from car headlights and the like. If that's not enough, the visually almost indistinguishable »sibling« is an excellent choice. The collars and leashes called CONVENIENCE REFLECT GLOW not only reflect all light sources but even glow in the dark. This ensures perfect visibility of the four-legged friend when running free and is particularly gentle on the eyes of the accompanying two-legged friend. Night owls with a penchant for serenity will be delighted with this addition to the popular CONVENIENCE series.