Clean drinking water: HUNTER finances the construction of a solar-powered well for its heart project »Live & Learn in Kenia Int'l«

What people in western industrialised nations take for granted is an existence-threatening shortage for a large part of the Kenyan population: Clean drinking water.

When HUNTER Managing Director Nadine Trautwein learned in a personal conversation with the committed team of the aid organisation »Live & Learn in Kenia Int'l« that clean water is also considered a luxury good in the school centre on the outskirts of the Ronda/Barut slums of Nakuru, she decided to take immediate action.

With the generous five-figure donation from HUNTER, the construction of the well could begin within a few days. Groundwater was found at a depth of around 85 metres - a real stroke of luck! The drinking water well has been supplying the entire school centre as well as the adjacent fields with water since the beginning of March 2022. The well's pump is powered by solar energy, which conserves resources and requires very little maintenance. The water reaches the various areas of the education centre underground via three large tanks. The kitchen, all classrooms, administration buildings and workshops are connected to the supply of this precious commodity. The parents' community work also benefits from the well - the clean water is an enormous asset for cleaning, cooking and irrigating the fields, where vegetables are grown, among other things.

With the words »May there always be water for you, because water is life«, the well was ceremoniously inaugurated by Brique Zeiner, chairperson of the association and founder of »Live & Learn in Kenia Int'l«.

Copyright images: Alexandra Merz