Belgian specialist retail chain Poils et Plumes visits HUNTER - First major customer event since the beginning of the pandemic successfully organised

For the first time in about 1.5 years, the International Sales Team of HUNTER received the founders and franchisees of Poils et Plumes under strict protective and hygienic measures. Behind the name, which translates as »fur coat and plumage«, is Belgium's third-largest chain of pet shops with currently 31 branches throughout the country. This makes Poils et Plumes the largest customer of the Belgium-based wholesaler BEDOG, with whom HUNTER has maintained a close and trusting cooperation for years.

Blanche Eglin, Managing Partner of BEDOG Distribution, thanked the more than 30 participants for the invitation, the warm welcome and the personal care of the entire group. During a guided tour of Bielefeld and a visit to a restaurant on Sunday, 3 October, the HUNTER team and the interested participants were able to exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere. The following day, a detailed product training on the HUNTER innovations and a visit to the leather factory in Bielefeld were on the agenda. The Poils et Plumes group was particularly impressed by the opportunity to see how leather collars, harnesses and leashes are made by hand for worldwide distribution.

»Thank you so much for all the organisation and invitation for this fantastic HUNTER/Poils et Plumes weekend! You all have been amazing, I'm so proud to work with you guys! The whole Poils et Plumes team had stars in their eyes at the end of the weekend. They were very impressed with the factory and the whole process of making the leather collars and leashes. [...] I think for many it is a first to be welcomed like this. [...] We are already looking forward to seeing you all at the »Get Together«!«, says Blanche Eglin, Managing Partner at BEDOG Distribution, enthusiastically looking back on the 2-day customer event.