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»Innovations are an important basis for our economic success.
We take various paths and go to great lengths to continually develop and   
bring onto the market new and unseen products.«


Our passion for detail - The HUNTER Get Together brochure

In the Get Together brochure, HUNTER provides 67 pages of detailed insights into the world of HUNTER products. The catalogue takes a thematic approach to looking at exciting and current developments from all over the HUNTER...Learn more

Stay informed – the brand-new HUNTER YouTube channel

HUNTER has launched its first very-own YouTube channel! The channel will host topical video clips about HUNTER products as well as specific product features and functions. New video material will continually be posted on the...Learn more

HUNTER donates to the Eichenhof in Vlotho

A total of 49 neglected dogs from a seizure were given to the Eichenhof animal shelter in Vlotho. With tireless efforts, the employees provide the neglected animals there. In order to be able to look after this large number of...Learn more

HUNTER at Charly's House

At Neumarkt, in the heart of Bielefeld, a new hotel has opened - the Charly's House. The dog friendly Bed & Breakfast hotel has been furnished by HUNTER with matching, colourful melamin bowls, food bowl bases and welcome...Learn more

HUNTER Worldwide - New HUNTER Brand-Stores

By the end of the year and with great pride, HUNTER welcomes three new international Brand-Stores in the family. In addition to the recently opened, world-wide first HUNTER-Kiosk in Pretoria (South Africa), HUNTER is proud to...Learn more

LIST - Fresh colours for the summer

The collars and leashes of the LIST series are fashioned on a sailing rope and thus embrace the nautical theme, as suggested by the name LIST – a seaside resort on the island of Sylt. They are currently available in two chic new...Learn more

Improved Living dog sofa renamed LIVINGSTON

A large number of improvements in quality have recently been made to the LIVINGSTON dog sofa (formerly called LIVING). The much-loved sofa has received a new, much improved material, which feels fantastic to the touch and has a...Learn more


List, Binz, Midlum & Niblum

Our maritime inspired series List, Binz, Midlum and Niblum bring that real beach feeling with you and your fellow resident back home.Your dear companion can stretch out on the dog couch and cushions and dream of the beach and...Learn more

Among the Stars - The HUNTER series AARHUS

Our chic AARHUS series with its great stars design will delight you and your dog. The Cozy beds provide relaxation and comfort and let your dog dream of night walks with a clear sky full of stars. The matching Silicone food bowl...Learn more

UPPSALA & UPPSALA SOFTSHELL - weather resitant and warm

Our Uppsala dog jackets are the result of an intensive and focused development process. They were not only to be weather resistant and warm but also ensure the perfect fit. Our design was tested on numerous model dogs of the most...Learn more