Dietary supplements for dogs and catsBy LauraSpaOur new ones

»Innovations are an important basis for our economic success.
We take various paths and go to great lengths to continually develop and   
bring onto the market new and unseen products.«


HUNTER & CollarCare

At first glance, the two Bielefeld-based companies could hardly be more different: The family business HUNTER is regarded as the qualitative market leader in the pet industry and has built up an unequalled expertise in the...Learn more

The podcast »Hundetalk« visiting

A podcast, what is it? »Like Netflix to listen to...« Tim Schmutzler would probably say. The full-time radio presenter has also been active for about six months with his own »audio series« called »Hundetalk«. There he deals in...Learn more

Test result »Very good« for HUNTER cat snacks NATURE

Via the independent test portal, 100 of over 27,000 registered users had the opportunity to critically examine all four different varieties of HUNTER cat snacks NATURE for two weeks. The varieties tested were...Learn more

21st and 22nd HUNTER Brand Store opened in direct succession

The HUNTER Brand Store family is pleased to announce further growth: on 15 November the 21st Brand Store worldwide was opened in Brussels, Belgium, and on the following day the fourth HUNTER Brand Store was opened in the Chinese...Learn more


HUNTER Weihnachtsspende

Es ist mittlerweile zu einer lieben Tradition geworden, dass HUNTER auf die sonst üblichen Weihnachtsgeschenke für Kunden und Partner verzichtet und stattdessen an soziale Einrichtungen und Vereine...Learn more

Harness AALBORG - High-quality cowhide leather processed to perfection

There is hardly anything more important for a harness than a perfect fit. Just like a good shoe, your dog should be able to slip in and feel free and comfortable, right from the get-go. With the AALBORG Y-harness, HUNTER has...Learn more

HUNTER Advent calendar in a strictly limited edition

The anticipation of Christmas can best be shortened with a delicious surprise - the daily portion of happiness. Whether you want to teach your dog how to bark Santa Claus or how to steal the Christmas roast, (almost) anything is...Learn more

by Laura

Cats are very special creatures. They are playful and cuddly, yet also unpredictable and wild. And they always know their own minds. Our new cat accessory collection “BY LAURA” is just as versatile as the handsome felines...Learn more

Dietary supplements for dogs and cats

Healthy nutrition is one of the most important factors in terms of enhancing physical fitness and general well-being over the long term. This rule not only applies to humans – dogs also receive lasting benefits from high-quality...Learn more


Dog owners and cat lovers are not willing to compromise in the slightest when it comes to the grooming of their four-legged friends. After all, only a well-groomed pet is a happy pet. And who says that brushing, cutting, combing...Learn more