Safety in the car
Here at HUNTER proper safety precautions while driving with dogs is taken very seriously.Our car safety harnesses BODYGUARD and EASY COMFORT secure optimum safety for you and your dog.

Safety thanks to visibility
Dusk or darkness, rain or fog: people and their dogs are out in every weather. When walking, jogging or power walking with their dog, owners should not only

remember leash and treats but also think about safety. Even small reflector strips on clothing, collar or the leash can be very effective. Of course, Hunter offers a wide range of products on the subject of »safety thanks to visibility« – because we at Hunter really care about the safety of people and their four-legged friends.

Car safety harness Easy Comfort

The car safety harness Easy Comfort made from tear-proof polyamide-nylon belt is equipped with high-quality metal slides and a solid clip. High wearing comfort and ideal adaption due to five adjustment possibilities guarantee the highest possible protection in case of an accident for you and your dog.

Easy Comfort

Our series with reflective materials

People and animals should be clearly visible in all weather conditions, so that they can be safe whilst on the go. For this reason, HUNTER series such as the RANGER PROFESSIONAL and the FREESTYLE REFLECT are fitted with woven-in reflective threads, whilst series such as the NEOPREN REFLECT, the NEON cat-collar collection and dog coats such as SAFETY are all fitted with reflective elements. With these products, dogs, cats, horses and people are all ideally prepared for any weath