Leather is what we are passionate about

Unlike industrial products which offer standardised quality, leather is a natural product and therefore always bears signs of individual charm. Leather pieces are unique and their colouration and structure are affected by environmental influences such as light. With everyday use, a patina develops over time on leather products, making each piece a special, personal favourite. Leather collars, harnesses and leashes are generally more sensitive to water than, for example, a synthetic fibre product. Because of that, particularly in the beginning, some colour may rub off or there may appear to be excessive deterioration, which can make the item quickly look worn. Constant or regular contact with water is therefore not recommended. HUNTER carries a wide range of nylon and synthetic products, which are much better suited for use in damp environments. But the same rule still applies: If the item gets wet or damp, quickly drying the material, e.g. on a heater, is not advisable.

Dabbing it and drying it slowly help to preserve the quality of your product. In addition, we recommend that you prevent any moisture from remaining on the metal parts.

HUNTER's leather products go through a multitude of elaborate production steps which are what make the end product particularly special. We monitor our high quality standards right from the receiving inspection of the raw materials. Only hides that satisfy our requirements are processed further. To meet all later challenges that a dog poses, all leather items are further enhanced in complex processes. Reinforcement with polyamide or similar materials on the inside, as well as precise stitching, make the product reliable and secure, which is what dogs and owners of all HUNTER products have become accustomed to.

Elk leather

Elk leather is one of the finest leather of the world. For elk leather the care and handling is especially important. Elk leather should not be exposed to extrem moisture or dirt, as this will damage the leather and the extremly fine leather will look worn. For the care of the leather it is always recommended: »Less is more!« Elk  leather is already greased and only requires a minimum of regreasing.  For this purpose, HUNTER has a special leather care product but you can also use baby lotion. If the leather gets wet, it should be ensured that no moisture remains on the metal parts. Quick drying of the leather, for example on the radiator, is not advisable. It is recommended that the articles are dabbed off and dried slowly. Please pay attention to the fact that leather products should not be exposed to extreme wetness. The well- known HUNTER quality of the leather articles can only be maintained if those are treated correspondingly.

Bison leather

The leather used in this exclusive HUNTER range originates from sustainable bison farms in North America. This provenance guarantees that the animals are bred in controlled conditions and that the raw materials are of the best possible quality. Every bison leather hide has its own unique graining pattern, like a fingerprint, meaning no two products are the same. In addition to its rustic, natural look, bison leather is also pleasantly soft to the touch. Every individual item is produced by hand in HUNTER’s factory in Germany. With a product from the Cody range, you will be holding in your hands a truly unique item made using the highest-quality exclusive leather.

Leather quality

As a producer of leather goods, HUNTER attaches great importance to monitoring the sources of its raw materials. Therefore, here at HUNTER we always strive to ensure that our suppliers adhere to guidelines and statutory requirements with respect to tanning. The tanning procedure for the leather used in the manufacture of HUNTER goods is mostly carried out in Europe. Here the production process is subject to stringent European guidelines and legal requirements concerning occupational health and safety and the use of approved tanning agents and chemicals. Consequently, all our tanneries are bound by the provisions of the REACH directive, which is valid throughout the whole of Europe.

Moreover, confirmation of adherence to the REACH directive is a mandatory requirement for all HUNTER’s leather suppliers. Compliance with statutory regulations on occupational health and safety, animal husbandry and the processing of raw materials for the purpose of creating genuine high-quality leather is a key consideration in the manufacture of all our leather goods. At HUNTER, therefore, the demand for uncompro-mising quality begins with the raw materials and is a concrete indication of our respect, love and sense of responsibility for human beings and animals alike.

Kinds of leather

Artificial Leather

  • textile fabric with a plastic coating
  • soft and light

Genuine cow leather

  • hard-wearing cow-hide
  • imbued, specially tanned and oiled

Nubuck leather

  • soft & velvety surface
  • vibrant and expressive colours

Elk leather

  • considered one of the finest and most upmarket leathers of the world
  • extremely soft and nice feel
  • best wearing comfort

Coated split leather

  • Genuine leather core
  • PU coating (thin plastic layer of polyurethane)
  • Easy care

Cow nappa leather

  • soft and supple
  • vibrant and expressive colours

Saddle leather

  • soft and hard-wearing cowhide
  • especially low-maintenance as already pre-lubricated

Bison leather

  • rustic look
  • soft feel
  • unique graining
  • from sustainable and strictly controlled breeding stock