Nearly all collars, harnesses and leashes from our extensive range have a double lining of soft cow nappa leather and are therefore extremely gentle to the coat. Areas that are particularly subject to wear and tear are reinforced on the inside with synthetic and textile bands to increase resilience without impairing the softness.

Products with linings have D-rings elaborately sewn between the upper and lower material, providing a special advantage in the smooth inside surface. Comfort and quality without compromise – that is what HUNTER stands for.

Leather-lined finish

Our collars, harnesses and leashes made of artificial leather and leather are single-lined at the very least, most even double-lined, to provide the ultimate comfort for dogs’ sensitive necks or bodies, as well as the human hand, at all times. The lining –i.e. the folded-over edges of the leather– prevents the side facing the body of the dog from making contact with an open edge, thus offering perfect protection for the skin and the coat. As a lining leather, we have always used soft Nappa leather or low-maintenance artificial leather.

Neopren padding

In series with neoprene, wear-resistant nylon and padded neopren go hand in hand, which every dog owner will appreciate. The soft and extra wide padding adapts perfectly to every dog’s neck, and is very comfortable to handle for humans.

Scandinavian elk leather - unbelievably soft and elegant.

Elk leather is one of the most exquisite types of leather in the world and radiates pure beauty and elegance. This leather is very rare because only a certain number of elk are allowed to be shot each year. This is to ensure that the ecological balance in the Scandinavian forests is consistently maintained. The collection, which is hand-made in Germany, is impressive with its characteristic softness and suppleness, and is now among HUNTER’s classics.