Our vision and mission as Lovebrand


We make people and animals feel most loved. We inspire our customers through design, function and sustainability.

»It's easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.«

Seth Godin

Our vision

HUNTER. Feel loved!

People and animals who meet us, who come into contact with us - no matter at which touchpoint - feel loved.


Those who love, do it out of the deepest conviction and with the attitude of achieving the best for their counterpart.


Then it's easy to go the extra mile!

Our mission

Offering more than dreamed of.

We provide people and animals around the world with innovative products, services and experiences they never dreamed of.


This is how we express our deep connection to people and animals.

Our culture


Our culture is characterised by

Trust & Loyalty

We want to, can do, are allowed to and do - together and wholeheartedly.

Excellence & Inventiveness

We discover new horizons and deliver the best quality - without ifs and buts

Heart Blood & Handmade

Our sense and feeling for the people, animals and materials ensures that we create memorable pieces and moments.

Respect & Energy

We value diversity with different personalities and ways of thinking. The common cultural fit and our HUNTER values are our fuel.

Responsibility & Sustainability

Thinking about tomorrow today

For HUNTER, it is of utmost importance to act sustainably and to consciously take responsibility for the "fellow world" - for nature, animals and people. Important for us is: We prefer to avoid from the beginning instead of having to compensate at the end and constantly question our processes and products.

»Our clients and their animals are at the table for every decision.«

Live quality
Quality. A sign of respect and love.

The majority of our products are produced in Germany and provide quality »Made in Germany« through conviction.

Material & quality

At HUNTER, quality starts with the purchase of the raw materials, is continued during the workmanship and ends with the presentation of the products. As always, customer satisfaction and the wellbeing of dogs and cats is at the heart of our endeavours. We put a great deal of diligence and care into the manufacture of each individual product.

Creativity and service are at the centre of the daily activities in our company. In addition, we do our utmost to combine quality with an attractive design, high functionality and maximum safety.