Combines the best qualities
Our new eco-friendly premium leather

The new CANADIAN UP, MUNICH and SOHO series from the HUNTER leather manufactory are an excellent choice for anyone who values sustainability and social responsibility. The strikingly soft and supple cowhide leather used here is manufactured to the highest ecological standards and is guaranteed to be free of harmful substances such as chrome.

» The leather is proven to be free of pollutants and chemicals, that could be harmful to animals, humans or the environment. «

The advantages

The leather comes from southern German cattle

Resource-saving processing in modern local German tanneries

Vegetable tanning

Short delivery routes

The leather is free of harmful substances - Chrome-free tanning

The leather is compostable after use

The leather is particularly soft and a  real haptic experience

Best finishing in the HUNTER Manufaktur in Bielefeld, Germany

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Highest level of quality and ecology

NATURLEDER IVN ZERTIFIZIERT is a standard for eco-friendly leather in Europe, which covers all stages of production. This strengthens consumer safety as the limits for residues here are stricter than the legal ones. Under this standard, the finished leather is also tested according to quality requirements specifically developed for leather, such as rub resistance and tensile strength.

Guaranteed free of harmful substances - compostable

The leather is proven to be free of pollutants and chemicals, that could be harmful to animals, humans or the environment. It is skin-friendly and anti-allergenic and is also recyclable. This means that the leather can be composted after use, reused or recovered.

IVN-certified natural leather

The International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN) is one of the leading associations of companies dedicated to the production of flawless, high-quality natural textiles in accordance with the strictest ecological and social guidelines. The IVN has also developed a standard for leather that stands for a high technical and ecological level. All manufacturing steps up to the finished leather are taken into account and examined under various aspects such as environmental impact, health, but also disposal and recyclability.

Short delivery routes and proof of origin

The real leather we use comes exclusively from southern German cattle kept under optimal conditions. Fully documented supply chains with short transport routes and further processing in local tanneries give us the certainty that we can trace exactly where our leather comes from and under what conditions it was produced.

CO² Footprint

In April 2022, HUNTER set itself the goal of operating climate-neutrally at the entire site in Bielefeld by 2030, taking into account Scopes 1 to 3. Therefore, we place the greatest focus on keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible and to minimise it further. Short transport routes within the supply chain are therefore indispensable. The leather used here comes without exception from cattle from southern Germany, produced in local tanneries. Only fresh, unpreserved hides are used. Further processing into the finished product takes place in Bielefeld, in the heart of Germany.

Comfortable to wear

The strikingly supple feel of the cowhide nappa leather speaks for itself. Once you have touched it, you won’t want to put it down. In combination with the elaborate processing in the HUNTER manufactory, the products of the series become real neck and hand caressers. In numerous production steps, the greatest attention is paid to achieving an optimal wearing feeling for the dog through carefully placed seams, folded edges and cushioning inserts. In the end, the collar or leash nestles warmly and softly against the sensitive dog’s neck or in the hand of the owner.

Social responsibility

A company’s social responsibility refers to its obligation to take ethical considerations into account in its decisions and actions. This includes, for example, the protection of human rights, the promotion of environmental and occupational health and safety standards, compliance with laws and regulations, the treatment of employees and the contribution to the development of society. The guidelines for IVN-certified natural leathers map the entire production chain not only in ecological but also in socially responsible terms. Mandatory compliance with social standards according to the International Labour Organisation ensure sustainable leather in every aspect.

Chrome-free tanning

HUNTER only uses leather that meets the highest standards and is produced in a sustainable and innovative way. As a result of an intensive development process with our long-standing partners, we have succeeded in doing 100% without chrome tanning. The purely plant-based or synthetic combination tanning processes are particularly resource and environmentally friendly.

Manufactured in state-of-the-art local tanneries in Germany

In leather production in particular, high standards of quality and ecology can only be reconciled at the highest technical level. Thus, the selected company that produces this exquisite leather relies on innovative methods to ensure resource-saving production. The German tannery is certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and “gold-rated” according to LWG standards. Here, production is energy-efficient and the corporate carbon footprint is calculated according to the ECO2L program.

Mix and Match

Here is something for every four-legged friend, whether large, small, long- or short-haired, harness or collar wearer. The series combines a wide variety of items to create a great selection of collars, harnesses and leashes. But all these first-class products have one thing in common: the careful workmanship and the strikingly soft natural leather. So they can also be wonderfully complemented or exchanged with each other depending on taste or mood.


Leather products from the HUNTER manufactory are not fast-fashion items, but durable and repairable. Leather is probably the oldest recycled product in the world. It is a beautiful natural material that awakens emotions and only becomes more beautiful and expressive through use, so that you can still enjoy it after years of use.

Resource-saving processing

Resource-saving processes are mandatory in IVN-certified factories. Our leather is produced in an energy self-sufficient tannery that covers its electricity needs as far as possible with renewable energy sources. The water required is used here and not consumed. Within a closed water cycle, it is repeatedly cleaned, treated and reused.